Paddle Against The Flow

aspies dating each other Lessons on Life from Doers, Creators, and Cultural Rebels. A hardcover book of inspirational quotes celebrating a decade of interviews in Huck. Foreword by Douglas Coupland.

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trading automatico forex Since its founding in 2006, Huck has roamed the globe documenting counterculture as it unfolds, seeking out and learning from freethinkers. Our first book, Paddle Against The Flow, brings together some of the best advice garnered from the cultural icons we’ve had the honour of collaborating with and meeting over the years. Nas on language, Cat Power on looking inward, Spike Jonze on loving what you do. They are just some of the 60 creators who share a diverse range of truths, creative wisdom, and life lessons in what has become a sort of how-to guide for ‘Generation Do’: a broad demographic of Huck readers who – faced with harsh economic realities – are united by their desire to make things happen for themselves. You can buy it here.

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