Mark Gonzales Exhibition

One Week, One Show. A sold-out 24 hr pop-up exhibition put together in 7 days.

Mark Gonzales is something of an enigma – a pioneer of street skateboarding and freewheelin’ artist who lives and thrives on creative disruption. And so it was in the NovemberĀ 2012, when Gonz turned up at Huck’s gallery, 71a London, saying, ‘Let’s put on a show!’ – with no plans, no artwork, and no self-doubt.

Seven days later, the walls were plastered with fresh work. The doors were thrown open to queues down the road. Within 24hrs, every piece was sold.

We went on to make an issue together that Mark curated, featuring Ray Pettibon, Larry Clark, Maurizio Cattelan, Barry McGee, Tom Sachs, Christopher Wool, Georg Baselitz, Harmony Korine, Rebecca Horn and more. It was easily one of the best experiences of my life.

Photography: Will Scott-RobsonĀ