Founded in 2006, Huck is a premium print magazine that celebrates independence.

Huck is a premium print publication that celebrates independent culture. The magazine, founded in 2006, is rooted in skate and surf but has since evolved to cover voices across the countercultural landscape, exploring the work of artists and activists who challenge the status quo. Out on the frontlines, our reporters break stories before anyone else, offering a global map of youth-fuelled social change – from reportage on emerging subcultures (Kiki dance culture in NYC, punk in Soweto) to intimate profiles on some of the biggest names in creative culture.

In 2013, the magazine switched focus from star-studded covers to fully embrace the documentary aesthetic cultivated over the past decade. Our themes help set the zeitgeist of the now – from The Offline Issue, a comment on social media overload in the wake of Trump’s ascendency, to The Freaked Out Issue which preceded his shock win. We’ve collaborated with the likes of Dave Eggers, Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, Kim Gordon, Douglas Coupland and Miranda July, and championed emerging and established photographers from Jim Goldberg, Alex Webb and Alec Soth to Diana Markosian, Carolyn Drake and Guy Martin.

As a premium youth culture channel, Huck sits at the centre of a switched-on community who crave original stories and quality journalism in print, film and across the digital landscape. At 71a, our gallery in London, stories spring to life as film screenings, exhibitions, parties and events. And while the print magazine hits newsstands worldwide every two months – packed with exclusive interviews, original reportage and award-winning photojournalism – the journey never ends, continuing as it does with daily content online.